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Online information about AUTOSAR

When working in projects that involve AUTOSAR I sometimes come to the point where I would like to ask someone about technical details. As far as I see there are the following options: Ask your collegue who is an expert in AUTOSAR Ask your tool-vendor and/or BSW-supplier (assuming you have a support contract with them) […]

Adaptive Platform

The AUTOSAR development partnership released the first version of the “Adaptive Platform” (Release 17-03) http://www.autosar.org/standards/adaptive-platform/release-17-03/ The current AUTOSAR specifications now consist of the traditional “Classic Platform“, the new “Adaptive Platform” and the new “Foundation” (common specifications for Classic and Adaptive).  

Latest News on AUTOSAR Development

Last week the 9th AUTOSAR Open Conference took place in Gothenburg (Sweden). And of course the new AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform was the main topic of the day. So, for those who haven’t heard of it yet: The AUTOSAR group is introducing a new platform in parallel to the already well-known AUTOSAR (Classic) architecture. Both the […]

Part 2 will be based on AUTOSAR revision 4.2

Due to several requests from the “Compendium community” and in order to keep up with the latest technology I decided to base the upcoming Part 2 (Basic Software & MCAL) on the latest officially published revision 4.2 of the AUTOSAR specifications (instead of 4.0, as for Part 1). I hope this in favor of everyone […]

Further updates on Part 1

Patch 1 In example Unit Hr in Chapter 5.11 (page 109) the value for factorSiToUnit is not correct: wrong value: 3600.0 correct value (1/3600): 0.000277777777777778 Download Patch 1 (80kB)   Patch 2 Correction of Chapter 11.7 Distributed Mode Management: For Inter-Partition and Inter-Core communication no ServiceProxySwComponentType neccessary. Diagram added. Download Patch 2 (90kB)   Patch […]

AUTOSAR-Configurations: Incomplete Configurations May Result in Unstable Systems

First published in Elektronik automotive edition 12/15 Incomplete configurations or misuse of generated APIs may result in unstable systems or sporadically inconsistent data. The following article explains how to avoid this. Software for Electronic Control Units (ECUs) is becoming increasingly complex. In order to manage this complexity, most new developments use AUTOSAR as their software […]

Compendium Glossary now online: automotive.wiki

Those of you who already have a copy of the AUTOSAR Compendium, Part 1 might know that the book does not provide any glossary but instead includes a reference on page 26 to the weblink http://www.ar-compendium.com/glossary Some may have also noticed that this link was previously not available and I would like to apologize for […]