AUTOSAR COMPENDIUM at the Automotive Software Kongress 2015

On September 23rd the Automotive Software Kongress ( ) was held in Landshut. This time the AUTOSAR Compendium was also “present”: as sponsor of the event but also in person by Oliver Scheid.

Speakers with very interesting topics and a good opportunity for professional networking made the event worth joining.

From AUTOSAR point-of-view the presentation about “AUTOSAR 4.2 – Technischer Überblick über neue Konzepte” by Igor Neiva Camargo from Continental Automotive GmbH was probably the most interesting one, showing and explaining the new features of AUTOSAR 4.2:

  • Improved usability for multi-core architectures
  • Enhanced support for safety and security
  • New features for IP / Ethernet communication and CAN
  • More efficient handling of non-volatile data
  • Extension of methodology to support distributed diagnostics configuration
  • Integration of non-AUTOSAR systems

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