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Short update on Part 1

There is a problem with the index on page 383 through 393 as it is referencing wrong page numbers.This problem is already fixed with R1.0.1 for new orders on amazon (updated 24-Sept-2015). Owners of a copy of R1.0.0 can download the corrected pages from here: www.ar-compendium.com/errata. I apologize for any inconveniencies.

AUTOSAR COMPENDIUM at the Automotive Software Kongress 2015

On September 23rd the Automotive Software Kongress ( http://www.automotive-software-kongress.de ) was held in Landshut. This time the AUTOSAR Compendium was also “present”: as sponsor of the event but also in person by Oliver Scheid. Speakers with very interesting topics and a good opportunity for professional networking made the event worth joining. From AUTOSAR point-of-view the […]

PART 1 is now plublished on Amazon

Everything you need to know about AUTOSAR 4.0.3 may be found in the 13,620 pages of the AUTOSAR specifications. Then why would you need this book? Because the official AUTOSAR documents are written as a specification and not as a guideline! What makes matters worse is that the documents are structured and formulated as requirements. […]